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Cruise Ship Jobs

Want to get cruiseship jobs in Australia? Be familiar first with the different types of cruiseship jobs and the duties and responsibilities of each.

Types of cruiseship jobs in Australia

Contrary to popular belief, not all cruiseship jobs entitle the job holder to work inside a cruiseship. There are also cruiseship jobs that work for a cruiseship but their work stations are inside a stationary office, a dining establishment within the port premises, or in all other business institutions just near the cruiseship port area. Apparently, what defines cruiseship jobs is the fact that, whatever it is called and wherever the designated work station is, it serves just one kind of customers: those who board or have boarded the cruiseship, as well as those who may have not boarded the cruiseship but are still within the port premises.

There are several cruiseship jobs for you to choose from. The most common classifications of cruiseship jobs in Australia are as follows:

* Deck and Engine Personnel - Cruiseship jobs under this classification are as follows: the master or the captain of the ship, and the engine room and deck departments. Working for the engine room department are the engineers, electricians, storekeepers, fitters, and ratings. The primary responsibility of those who hold deck and engine personnel jobs, as part of cruiseship jobs, is to man the cruiseship and keep it operational and working smoothly.

* Cruiseship Headquarters and Office Personnel - This kind of cruiseship jobs do not warrant the need to be stationed inside a cruiseship. As part of cruiseship jobs, cruiseship headquarters and office personnel jobs are, of course, positions in the headquarters and offices of a cruiseship firm. Job positions for these cruiseship jobs include office managers, agents, secretaries, and bookers.

* Hospitality Personnel - These positions pertain to cruiseship jobs in the hospitality and service business, such as those in bars, cabins, restaurants, and shops. Most common positions for these cruiseship jobs include servers, bar tenders, chefs, cooks, stewards, and shop attendants. The work stations of people who hold hospitality jobs may either be on board the cruiseship or a spot on the cruiseship port.

* Cruiseship Entertainment Personnel - This job classification of cruiseship jobs is for people in the leisure and recreation business, albeit on board the cruiseship or on the cruiseship port area. Included in the common positions under this category of cruiseship jobs are performers, hosts, shore excursion personnel, cruise personnel and directors, and even swimming and dance instructors. The main purpose of these cruiseship jobs is to provide cruiseship passengers with something to pass their time away while the ship is journeying toward their destination or while they are waiting to board the ship.